Monday, July 25, 2011

Upgrades At Cabramatta Station

Cabramatta Station is a busy interchange and there are several upgrades going on there at the moment.

There is a new station frontage on both sides of the station - this is the Broomfield Street side. The "Easy Access" program is installing new lifts on both sides of the station.

They are building new street-level car parks and there is a plan to build a multi-level carpark across the road where the drive-through bottle shop currently is (and is being used as a carpark). Click here for the detailed plans for the carpark by the Transport Construction Authority.

These are new 'vandalism proof' toilets being installed on the Broomfield Street side.

There seems to be a new track corridor being made, which may be part of the Southern Sydney Freight Line which is going through from Macarthur to Sefton. Click here for a Wikipedia entry on the Southern Sydney Freight Line.

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