Friday, July 1, 2011

Shuttle Bus Signage Is Very Poor

The signage to tell passengers about the Shuttle buses in Liverpool and Penrith is very poor. There are no indicators to show where the bus stops in the interchanges, the signage at the bus stops are just bumber-style stickers on the pole (often oriented the wrong way) and there are no maps at stops to tell people where the buses go.

On the stop at Liverpool Hospital (above left) there is a very large bus stop shelter with no Shuttle signage on it. The signage on most of the Penrith Shuttle bus stops was of a similar quality to the one shown in the photo here (above right).

People surveyed in both areas by local WSPTU resident transport groups didn't know where the Shuttle bus was going or where the stops were. There are flyers available which contain the Shuttle maps. It's a shame that these can't be put on bus stops to tell people where the bus is going.

Given this lack of signage (and the problems with the routes) it won't be a surprise if the patronage data at the end of the trial period (in about 6 months) shows that the buses in some areas aren't used very much.


  1. I agreed! All metrobus or Free Shuttle really need map each of bus stop and show where the bus go!

  2. Wow! Those signs do look very poorly constructed. They look very old with hardly any information on them. They need replacing.


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