Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do We Need fast Trains From City To City Or Is A Second Sydney Airport Better?

All of a sudden in a Federal Election, we have policy after policy being thrown in each and every electors front door. This is usual not unusual!

As mentioned before on a previous blog, we even have a Fast Train Policy Party:

Now our recent Prime Minister,  is throwing money into 'PLANES ONLY' from Brisbane to Melbourne Click here for details

Yet, although we all want improvements in public transport for all commuters in Western Sydney, what has to that great time and thinking for all of us is what mode of transport would first all the following criteria:

  • would be easy to access and use
  • cost effective fares for all the commuters
  • cost effective for all levels of Government
  • job creating
  • efficiency of travel time and journeys
  • efficiency in energy used
  • better interchangeable public transport connections
  • inclusion for improvements for future public transport
  • Economical benefits to Australian economy
There has been talk of fast trains for years and years regarding fast trains and also there was talk years ago of a second Sydney Airport, which was  quashed due to public reaction. Times have changed and sometimes people changed lifestyles make people change their mind.

Strangely enough a majority of  Australians living in the Greater Western Sydney, had their up bringing or originally migrated from the northern parts of Sydney  eastern suburbs or southern eastern suburbs. Now enjoying life out West, I hear there could be a positive swing of mood and understanding to accommodate the growing increased population, is a swing to a more acceptable second airport, designated in Western Sydney.

The economical benefit is the most important one. We would need to debate this in communities, with neighbors and even in each tier of government. It appears that it will be cheaper then costings for a fast train from city to city, to engineer and construct as well as  paying for individual fares.

What is your thoughts.? What would be better: fast Train or easier access to airports - then faster planes?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parramatta City Council's Light Rail Proposal - Do Residents Understand The Need For Public Transport Expansion And Improvement?

There are arguments for and against Light Rail expansion, but no arguments for public transport improvement or expansion as we are living in a growing society and  population.

Sydney was basically unplanned city and  it seems that we are way behind the times with public transport improvements and infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing and expanding population.

Before we think of making improvements we have to turn the clock back  say 200 years ago and vision what Parramatta's population was then and  also the community -  and here is what it looked like in 1812;

Economic DevelopmentNow go forward another 200 years  see what  the population is and vision the surroundings of the community - Well actually, with over 170,000 residents today this is how part of Parramatta, is TODAY!

Can you see how developments for public transport improvements are required to make Parramatta, central part of Western Sydney and Sydney itself, work towards ensuring the future is covered?

This is a way of seeking improvements in public transport!

Click here for the article

Thursday, August 22, 2013


You are invited to the 5th Annual WSPTU Public Transport Symposium.

We'd love to see you there again! Great topics, expert speakers, good discussions.
Saturday, Sept 14, Parrmatta Town Hall, 10am to 4pm. 

RSVP to or phone: 9689 0114 and leave a message.
Or respond to our event invite on Facebook

WSPTU - Western Sydney Public Transport Users
Community groups working to improve public transport
and land-use planning for people in Greater Western Sydney

Topics and Speakers
John Morandini
Should roads be used for more public transport – is this the future?
Chris Brown
Promoting Greater Western Sydney and infrastructure development
John Moxom
Access Committees and Local Council – What can they achieve?
John Evenden
Bus Stops and Infrastructure – What should be there, how to get it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visual Patronage on Sydney Train Station - Check Out Your Train Station Patronage!

This i your chance to check out patronage of your train stations based on  barrier counts. This it is where it is important to register your current electronic ticket,when entering and exiting your train station - these statistics can  plan for the future of public transport. So therefor if you haven't been registering your ticket do so from now as this will  register REAL COMMUTERS FIGURES!

Click here to check out your train station!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just For Commuters Interested In The Coming Federal Election on 7th September 2013 - There is a Transport Party Running!

Not so much a political issue for myself and it may not involve commuters much in Western Sydney, yet there is a Transport Party running in the coming Federal Election on the 7th September 2013.

Before you think this, WSPTU is not affiliated with them and never heard about them until now. They have 12 members running in the 150 seats within Australia, so who are they, 'Bullet Train For Australia'.

 In the years I have followed Sate and Federal Elections, In have never seen a transport group run for any Australian Parliament. Although they are a advocating for a special type of public transport, fast country trains to alleviate traffic issues and costs, reduce traffic congestion and promote improved public transport services to the community for long service trips.

Click here for details of The Bullet Train For Australia Party 

Do you have Commuter Congestion at Western Sydney Barrier Gates? Check out The Video On the Parramatta Barriers!

In your Western  Sydney Train Station, do you have issues getting through the barriers. Like getting through the gates/barriers - 'Commuter Jams' as opposed to 'traffic jams'!

Is there a solution to the problem and if there is tell us what you think it is?

We understand it may mostly happen in peak times, yet what it can anywhere at any time. Is this issue important to you to have improved at any Sydney trans Train Stations in Western Sydney?

Click here for Parramatta Barriers Video

Friday, August 16, 2013

Liverpool Transport Taskforce Group Has A NEW Face Book Group

 Any Western Sydney Commuter that  is connected to  face book can join the Liverpool Transport Taskforce Face book Group, join and read in on important public transport issues and improvements within the Liverpool Local Government Area

Face book is one of many social medias an interact and be educated as to what is happening in your area.

Also check out their minutes which provides an update as to what Liverpool Transport Taskforce is currently doing to  improve public transport in their local area of Western Sydney.

Face  book  group name: Liverpool Transport Taskforce
Face book group link:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NSW In Focus 65 New Buses, new bus routes & 36 Transport Interchange Upgrades - NSW NOW!

I just received an e-mail from the New South Wales Government titled 'NSW in Focus' - which sounds good - sounds like it wasn't in focus for  over 200 years. I have learnt it is from NOW NSW 

It is providing updates on various progress works that is happening

within  New South Wales.  In future we will provide updates  in relation to public transport from here on, to keep you all informed.

Here are the improvements involving Western Sydney Public Transport:

$92 Million For Over 200 New Buses And 10 New Routes 

The NSW Government has committed more than $90 million to fund over 200 new buses in 2013-14, including 65 new buses for Western Sydney.

There will also be 10 new routes introduced across Sydney, Western Sydney, the Hunter and the Illawarra as part of the Growth Bus Program.

The NSW Government has added more than 2,800 additional weekly bus services since 2011, and this year’s investment continues to build on that.

Transport Interchange Upgrades At 36 Key Locations

The NSW Government is upgrading 36 key transport interchanges across the state – investing almost $40 million to make public transport safer and easier to use.

Interchanges need to be well lit, secure, sign-posted, protected from the elements and easy for people to navigate.

These latest upgrades include better drop off and pick up areas (called kiss and ride zones), improved lighting, signs, infrastructure, bike facilities and shelters.

Let us know if you have had new buses in your area in Western Sydney or  even if your transport interchange is being upgraded!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Official, WSPTU 5th Transport Symposium Postponed Until 14th September 2013 - Make Yourself Available!

The WSPTU Steering Committee met tonight and unanimously agreed  to postpone the 5th WSPTU Transport Symposium  until the 14th September 2013.

It's funny, as the original date was set for 7th September 2013. This date was selected as it wasn't to clash with the early federal election previously called by the former Prime Minister M/s Gillard, which was 14th September 2013. Now the newly elected Prime Minister, Mr. Rudd, has called a week earlier the Australian Federal Election. WE had to change our dates to allow Jubilee Hall, Parramatta to be used for the elections. Such is life!

We have 3 guests speakers confirmed and hot topics of discussion are:
  • 'bus stop infrastructure and accessibility'
  • 'Community Access Advisory Committees' and how important they are to the entire public transport community.
  • 'improved use of roads for public transport - is this the future?'

We will also have a display of vintage bus timetables and historic photos.

More info will be available soon about topics, speakers and displays.

Register via the Western Sydney Public Transport Users facebook page, email or leave a message at 9689 0114.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Interviewers For Parramatta Interchange Seen!

Interviewers were seen at Parramatta train station, asking questions about the Parramatta Interchange. Hopefully they were looking for improvements from commuters that use it. And there are thousands that use it!

The Parramatta Interchange is a fairly recent interchange, yet as we all know there is a growing population and an increase usage of public transport, there will be a need for change in the future. maybe  what could be considered is similar bus interchanges like Blacktown , Mount Druitt, St Marys and Penrith. There  are bus bays  and safety access to the bus stands!

Please let us know if you have been interviewed and any feedback on the interview.

Update On The Opal Cards - Heading To he Greater Western Sydney!

Opal Card Roll-Out Continues

Opal CardThe Opal card will soon be available to customers on all Sydney Ferries services east of the Harbour Bridge.

The new ticketing system is transforming the way customers use public transport and is already reducing frustrating queues for so many people.

The Opal card has been a great success on the Neutral Bay and the Manly Sydney Ferries services and the rollout is now expanding to the remaining 10 easterly wharves.

The new card was first rolled out on ferries in December last year and the Opal card is now in use at 10 train stations. About 12,200 customers have made more than 200,000 trips since the rollout started. 

Friday, August 2, 2013