Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sydney's Second Airport Proposal Is Up Again - Badgerys Creek - This Time There Could Be Stronger Voices Than 30 Years Ago!

Yes don't forget that planes are another form of public transport that take people to longer destinations in very quick time!

Click Here for ED Husic's Comments, Federal Member For Chifley

30 years ago when the proposal to came out west, it was knocked down to the ground and  plans 'never took up!' Not much discussions has been said since as  it was felt like it was swept under the door.

Since then urban areas sprawled with housing and major increasing in population as so many suburbs have been created.  30 years ago I was on the 'No' side of having a second airport  and I wasn't living anywhere in Western Sydney. Now my thoughts are changing towards having a second airport in Western Sydney.

The positive ideas that come out of are job creation for over 28,000 people, injection of funds in the Western Sydney community and greater plans from Local Councils to include Public Transport links to the new proposed airport.

Interesting Billboard at the Domestic Airport in Sydney

This is an interesting billboard to have at the airport but I'm not sure what the fish are supposed to mean ... like schools of people all going in the one direction maybe?

Let's Improve The Moore Street Bus Stop in Liverpool

A new video from the Liverpool Transport Taskforce advocating for improvements to the important Moore Street bus stop in Liverpool.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Charity Scammers on Western Line T1 - Be Aware!

Reported by Andrew Dickson on the Western Sydney Public Transport Users  Face Book Forum Click here and join a well

There is a young woman who frequently pretends to collect for charity on the Penrith to 

Central line. Do NOT give her any money!

She carries a bucket for donations which bears a blue logo, and she wears a convincing ID 

badge. The charity does not exist.

I first spotted this scammer about 4 weeks ago, and told her that soliciting for money on 

the train was illegal. She thanked me but continued regardless. She was back again on 

Sunday just gone. Same act.

I called her out again, and pointed out that I'd seen her before. This lady is completely 

brazen. She said that she'd forgotten (!) and continued on. I rushed to the guard's carriage 

to report her, but she confronted me first, accusing me of harassment (!).

At the next station, another lady and myself asked the guards to make an announcement, 

which they did. The woman *still* kept going regardless.

The other lady said she'd seen the scammer doing the same thing the week before, and 

confirmed that she was a regular on the Western Line.

A trio of young boys were angered by the announcement. They'd given her $10 and 

wanted it back.

They declared they would give chase. I told them to not hurt her, but to photograph her. 

They did catch her, but she refused to return the money and they didn't get a photo.

She's been sprung, and it would be good to think that she would now stop,

but she has such front that I doubt it.

I made a report to a policeman at Central, and to the Station Manager there as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Councils In Western Sydney That Have Current Integrated Transport Managment Plans

Here is what I have found in Councils within Western Sydney, what Integrated Management plans or similar have been put in place - If you think you Council  is only touching transport and not  doing like Blacktown and Parramatta City Council's are doing let us know and  we can assist you to get  your Council to think of public transport for the future!

Auburn City Council

Bankstown City Council Page 28

Blue Mountains Transport Guide

Camden and Campbelltown City Council's joint Integrated Transport Plan

Fairfield City Council

Hawkesbury Shire Council

The Hills Shire

Holroyd's Public Transport Plan

Liverpool City NSW Transport

Parramatta Integrated Transport Management Plan   Parramatta City Current Transport Policies

Penrith Strategic Plan 2031

Commuters In Western Sydney Take Note Of The New Sydney Trains Services Code Map

From 20th of October, commuters will have to know what your service codes are for Sydney Trains, Buses, Ferries and Light Rail.

Don't worry it won't confuse as it starts with the following letters and every mode has a code and colour:
Train iconTrains
Bus iconBuses
Ferry iconFerries
Light rail iconLight rail
New number codes for Sydney train lines (T1-T7) and Sydney ferry lines (F1-F7) have been introduced, in combination with line names.
These codes will appear in Trip planner results and Timetable searches when you set the date to Sunday 20 October or later.

Sydney Trains – Lines T1-T7

The T1-T7 lines include Sydney metropolitan and suburban services operating north to Berowra, south to Waterfall and Macarthur, west to Emu Plains and north-west to Richmond.
New nameOld name(s)
T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Line    
  • North Shore & Western Line
  • Northern Line
T2 Airport, Inner West & South Line
  • Airport & East Hills Line
  • Inner West Line
  • South Line
T3 Bankstown LineBankstown Line
T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra LineEastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line                   
T5 Cumberland LineCumberland Line
T6 Carlingford LineCarlingford Line
T7 Olympic Park Line Olympic Park Sprint

To see how the new codes work, view the Sydney Trains Network map (pdf 401KB)*.

Intercity Trains Lines

Intercity services connect Sydney to the Central Coast and Newcastle, the Lower Hunter, the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Bathurst, the South Coast and Southern Highlands.
New nameOld name(s)
Blue Mountains Line                               Blue Mountains Line  (no change)
Central Coast & Newcastle LineNewcastle & Central Coast Line
Hunter LineHunter Line (no change)
South Coast LineSouth Coast Line (no change)
Southern Highlands Line                               Southern Highlands Line (no change)                    

Thanks to Paul from Old Toongabbie, who brought this to my attention!

Let us know if you like the ideas of new identification for all public transport services, we would like to hear from you!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Check Out If You Are Heading On Any Sydney Train Lines With Track Work! Plan 6 months Ahead!

Some of us do not prepare ourselves for the  unexpected  rail work which normally happens on weekends and can also be during the week.

Planning is involved to reduce the discomfort of extra travelling to commuters as railway buses replace Sydney Trains railway services. Even some of the repair and maintenance work gets done after hours, outside of peak hours.

So the best idea is to prepare yourself for any destination you are travelling to and even leaving from. If you plan your day, you need to add a bit more time to be traveled by the railway bus as they do not travel on a direct route, yet they will travel on a similar route which extra streets and different directions taken to reach your final train station destination.

Click Here For Track Work Information from Sydney Trains