Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3rd Goget Car for Car Share in Parramatta

Goget has put a third car in Parramatta. There are three car share companies now operating in Sydney; Goget, Flexicar, Greensharecar. At this stage Goget is the only one operating in Western Sydney.
Click here to see the location of the new car Parramatta.

To use car share, you join for a fee, pay a monthly charge (eg $9), book a car online as needed and then use the car. You can use the car for as little as an hour. You pay for the time used (eg $8.25/hr) and the kilometres travelled (eg 0.35c/klm). The petrol is included in the hire.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving Beyond The Automobile

Moving Beyond the Automobile is a ten part video series which explores solutions to the problem of automobile dependency. It's a visual handbook that will help guide policy makers, advocacy organizations, teachers, students, and others into a world that values pedestrian plazas over parking lots and train tracks over highways. Cars were then, and this is now.Click here to find the series and watch the parts online

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New 'Integrated Transport Authority' Structure Is Announced

The Minister for Transport and the Minister for Roads and Ports have published a release to describe the change to the new Integrated Transport Authority.

The Ministers said the establishment of the authority will – for the first time – ensure planning and policy across all modes of transport, including roads, are fully integrated.

The Minister for Transport writes in this release:
This means RailCorp, Sydney Buses, the RTA and other transport agencies will no longer be responsible for major procurement, long-term planning and policy – instead, they will focus on service delivery.

See the full release here

Monday, April 18, 2011

Journey To Work - Mapping for Western Sydney

Want to know where people in Western Sydney work and how they get there?
This new publication from the Western Sydney Regional Information and Research Service (WESTIR) shows who works in Western Sydney, what they do and where they come from. It also shows where people from Western Sydney work and what they do. Lots of informative maps and easy to read charts.
View and download for free from here:
Westir - Journey To Work Research

Monday, April 11, 2011

North West Rail Link

The WSPTU have strongly supported the development of the North West Rail Link so it is great to see that the new Premier has established a project team and instructed them to:

* Determine the planning approvals needed to proceed with the link;
* Put together a full costing of the rail link;
* Begin planning on the best way to integrate trains on the North West rail link with the rest of the rail network; and,
* Open discussions with communities and stakeholders along the route.

See the full release: click here

Monday, April 4, 2011

Taxi Licence Determination 2011

From the Transport NSW website:

An additional 197 annual taxi licences will be issued, boosting the size of the city’s taxi fleet by 3.6 per cent.

Of these licences, 138 will only be available to eligible authorised taxi drivers who are, or who have applied to become, accredited taxi operators. This will give more opportunities for skilled taxi drivers to operate their own taxi. Taxi drivers are also welcome to apply for any of the other licences.

A further 30 replacement licences to cover existing licences that expire in 2011/12 will also be released.

SMS real-time bus information for Sydney Buses

You can now SMS 0488 TXT BUS (0488 898 287) for up-to-the-minute information about when the next Sydney Buses service will arrive at your stop.