Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newspaper Stories On Transport Plans

Ecotransit has collected some recent stories from the Newspapers on current transport planning issues. See them here: Ecotransit ( )

Also, here is a Sydney Morning Herald story talking about light rail proposals including a link between Carlingford and Bankstown: Light Rail

The Sydney Morning Herald has a transport section. Here are a collection of recent stories: Sydney Morning Herald Transport

Concern About Removal Of The Epping Bus Transitway Exit

As part of the suggestion to increase the number of car lanes on the M2 it has been proposed that the Epping Bus Transitway Exit bridge be removed. This would severely undermine the attempts of local people to increase the number of bus services that can come from the North West and West into Epping and link with the new train service. WSPTU members have expressed concern about this and more information is needed.

Finish The Missing Links In the M2 Bus Transitways

It has been brought to the attention of WSPTU members by bus commuters, local people and bus operators, that the bus transitway on the M2 into the city is missing about 5klms of clearway. This means that the bus has to merge into the traffic created by the cars. This is particularly a problem during peak hour when the traffic is moving very slowly.
One suggestion proposed is that, in the places where there is no bus transitway, the breakdown lane be converted to a multipurpose lane which is used as a bus transitway during the peak hours. In the other times it could remain as a breakdown lane. This would improve the service of the bus transitway from the North West into the city.

Is There More Potential For Shared Taxis?

As part of the response to the Bus Network Review, Western Sydney Community Forum is working with local groups to see if there is any potential for shared taxis to fill some of the gaps in service that some people are experiencing. If you, or you know people, who are feeling like they can't get out in their area anymore because their bus has been changed it would be worth contacting Western Sydney Community Forum to see if there is any potential in using a shared taxi to solve the problem. Contact Hugh Worrall at Western Sydney Community Forum on 9633 5068 or .

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NSW Transport & Infrastructure has created a newsletter to update people on Transport information and developments. This is particularly interesting now that all the transport departments have been brought together in a "super agency". You can subscribe to this newsletter and it will come to your email. The frequency is unknown at this stage. While the last edition, published in December, is a little out-of-date because of the current review of the Transport Blueprint, it is still worth a look: click here
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Friday, January 8, 2010

NCOSS Has Started A Transport News Blog

The Council of Social Services NSW has started a Transport news blog. You can find it here and we will put a link in the WSPTU link box to the left of this screen.

Baulkham Hills Group Wants More Buses to North Sydney

The local group advocating for changes to the bus routes in the North West are advocating for more direct buses into Epping, Macquarie Park and North Sydney rather than the Sydney CBD.
See here