Monday, July 25, 2011

Fringe parking Stations – A no Brainer for the Council

The Penrith Council need to re-think their priorities in their car park strategy. It is ludicrous that they think enforcing fines on people is a higher priority than using the existing shuttle bus service that could provide express services to safe all day parking stations on the fringe of the city. Wollongong Council implemented a similar model and they have already seen a benefit. 

We currently have a shuttle bus that is being totally under utilised. This is based on a survey conducted by South Penrith Action group just over two weeks ago. When out and about and speaking to some city centre businesses, we heard they are in need of better options. To come up with a solution we need to work collectively with business, council and the residents, this is the only way all stakeholders will get the system they deserve, and the suitable solution needs to be totally funded by the State Government.

The State Government considers Penrith as a regional centre and wants us be attractive to investment. A critical component is a proper utlised funded public transport system. If Penrith City had a service that in peak times offered a reliable 10 minute express shuttle service from fringe parking stations to the train station and city centre and  then 15 minutes off peak, it would improve the flow and influx stages of vehicles that currently occur. If you then consider the long term benefits to the business sector and residents, this solution should be the top priority it’s a no brainer.

Parking will always be a pain as long as you encourage people to use their cars to travel to the city. It doesn’t matter how many car parks you build, there will never be enough. It won’t help congestion or the environment.

A another strategy to help the environment is the option of businesses paying for reserved parking, any charges that are levied could be channeled to a fund which then can be used to improve paths, cycle ways, and public transport, this is far better strategy  than enforcing fines. .

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