Monday, July 22, 2013

Commuters Need to Be More Careful On Their Own Safety on Sydney Rail Train Stations!

Check out  how some commuters may be careless on Sydney Rail -  thus we need to ensure commuter stay clear behind the yellow line on each platform. Taking a step over  make closer to  potential accident or death, especially if a trains is passing. This self awareness for all commuters, needs to be communicated, so Sydney Rail commuting life is made easy, enjoyable and we all return home safely:

Click Here for story - Courtesy of Channel 7 News

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are holding our 5TH Western Sydney Public Transport Users Symposium, as follows:

Time:                        10.30am -4pm,

Date:                         7th September 2013
Place:                       Jubilee Hall, Parramatta Town Hall

Invited:                     The first 80-100 Western Sydney Commuters,

                                  that are interested in learning about
                                  improvements and/or processes of public
                                  transport infrastructure and services, also
                                  planing for the Greater Western Sydney

Cost:                         Free!  There's not much things in life free!

Bookings:                  Must be made by contact us on the following:

                                 Phone:  Phone: 9689 0114 and leave a message.

There will be interesting speakers, on public transport topics that everyone will be talking about - future details will be released, closer to the event.

You will meet other public transport advocates and enthusiasts: their goals and their ambitions, as well as their success stories.

Come along, no matter how interested, you are with public transport. This is you're chance to do something for yourself and for your community within Western Sydney.


New Electronic Coloured Signals - Parramatta Train Station

We hear the expression that  mechanical devices go 'on the blink' and then it is up to mechanics, engineers. Yet it happens to commuter to Electronic Indicator Boards, it is hard to understand how to read these signs in colour as follows:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

From Within WSPTU Face Book Group Member Joins As WSPTU New Policy Committee Member

If you had asked myself about 'Social Media' - I would have thought social media was something that never made sense and I am pretty sure was unheard of.  Shared Information in my days was by  reading books, magazines, newspapers and sometimes watching TV.

Within the last decade, this has changed and the technology that we  live in our modern world, changes the  meaning to 'chat' instead of talking to one or other by mouth or words, the Internet has opened  windows of opportunity through social media's: like e-mail, Twitter and Facebook Groups.

So I can say on behalf the the WSPTU, that from our Facebook Membership of 152, of current, we have  a new signed Individual membership that is  looking  for public transport improvements in Telopea commuters and residents. This proves that social media does work!

We encourage anyone that would like to join our Facebook Group Forum to search the following details once you join Facebook:

Western Sydney Public Transport Users Public Forum.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sydney Train Logo Going Tennis!

After a transport officer gave myself advice about the the new Sydney Trains logo and NSW TrainLink logo, it appears that Tennis Australia are claiming it is similar to their logo. What do you think? You make your mind up!

Sydney Trains logoNSW TrainLink

It Is Time You Prepare Yourself For The Opal Card - IT's Coming!

Adult Opal Card
Concession Opal Card
Senior/Pensioner Opal Card
Opal Card 'Pay-as-you-go' system, is now running in the city circle and  Eastern Suburbs line to Bondi Junction and will eventually end up in Western Sydney trains and then buses afterwards, sooner than you think. At present it's on trial.

At present it's on trial and once it passes all tests, it will be further extended, For lots of the elderly commuters this may seem to be a bit daunting to them  as they  may find  new technology hard to accept and , be educated and used to it!

So this is a good time to research and prepare yourself for it. The basics are

  • you are  not paying for more than the journey you are travelling 
  • maximum journey to pay per day is  no more than $15.00
  • after 8 journeys per week all journeys are free until your week starts again
  • The week starts from Monday and finishes Sunday
  • If you changes modes of transport and it is completed with 60 minutes that will be considered as one trip
  • Sunday travel cap $2.50
  • Opal Card provided to you 5-7 days after ordering
  • Weekly tickets are cheaper than current ticketing system

NEW Sydney Trains Website

As from the 1st July 2013,  we have 'Sydney TrainsSydney Trains logo

and NSW TrainLink 
NSW TrainLink
are now commencing their separate running operating within the NSW for Transport. Information from each one is as follows:

Click here for Sydney Trains

Click here for  NSW TrainLink

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Representatives from WSPTU Have Met The NSW Minister OF Transport - A Window Of Opportunity!

As active volunteer public transport advocates, we have never had a face to face meeting with the NSW Minister of Transport, until of recent.

So as previously mentioned (refer previous blog,  WSPTU was highly selected from over 400 community groups and organisations, provided a window of opportunity to discuss Public Transport issues/improvements with our selection of the NSW Minister of Transport. The selection process was done within the NSW Premiers Department.

On Monday, 1st July 2013, The Gladys Berejiklian, Hon. NSW Minister of Transport was introduced to myself and I was asked if I had the Minister before today. Yes I had (Click Here For My Previous Meeting with Gladys Berejiklian, Hon. Minister of Transport). And the Minister remembered!

Both Susan day and myself  (Steering Committee Members of WSPTU), had decided after providing topics of discussions to the NSW Premiers Department to approach the NSW Minister of Transport, Gladys Berejiklian on the educational process we use to link to local community groups and individuals; via the WSPTU Policy Committee. Also included was a plan for future of WSPTU in relation to having stronger links with the NSW Government in relation to public transport information. We will not elaborate on this, as yet, until we receive a response from the NSW Transport Minister, herself.

At the end of the day, with the 10 minute window of opportunity to present our case, the Minister know her portfolios very well and understands that we are a lobby group that does advocate for public transport in Western Sydney, for and behalf of the people. She also respected our views, we also respected her views and comments. It was a great inroad for members of WSPTU and commuters to  have their say for the future of public transport and be 'Heard'!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interesting Question Placed To Me Today- Commuter Related!

In the public transport sector we have lot's of commuters - majority of them are just every day commuters and the rest are transport officers and public transport commuters combined. Okay, probably have you confused by now... there are people that work within the public transport sector and need to catch public transport to reach their work.

It is with great interest that a transport officer working for Sydney buses has advised that he does get free public transport on all forms of public transport, except for travelling on private operated buses. So his question is why  should he pay  fares on any buses even if it is privately operated and also by don't  Busways bus drivers have a right to have free public transport on all government owned public transport buses!

An interesting concept, is he discriminated by paying fares and same with Busways bus drivers are they being discriminated against for paying fares on public transport? What do you think?

My father always was given free public transport, around the state of New South Wales, whilst he was a tram driver and bus driver.

New Carriages To Increase Commuter Intake On The Western Line!

The  NSW Minister of Transport, Gladys Berejiklian is looking at new ways to allow commuters to travel on Sydney Rail Trains. The concept will be good for extra commuters catching trains but can be exhausting for the  remaining commuters. 

This is from the MX  newspaper that is provided to inner city commuters and now I have seen Parramatta, today:

What do you think of this idea, will you like like?

Monday, July 1, 2013

North West Rail Link - Update

(From the North West Rail Link Project Team)

Good afternoon

Two years after the establishment of the North West Rail Link Project Team, we are writing to advise you the NSW Government has awarded the AU$1.15 billion tunnelling contract to the Thiess, John Holland, Dragados Joint Venture.

This is an important day for the Project and a historic day for the people of North West Sydney. The signing of the tunnelling contract means tunnel boring machines will be in the ground in the second half of next year - as scheduled - with contract completion expected in the first half of 2017.

The North West Rail Link is a world-class project to be delivered by some of the most skilled tunnel contractors in the world. The consortium comprises Thiess, John Holland and Dragados, bringing a depth of Australian and international experience and expertise in delivering major infrastructure projects.  Each of the partners have delivered or are currently building tunnels for train systems around the world, including London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seville and New York.

The awarding of the contract heralds the beginning of a new high capacity rapid transit network for Sydney which will eventually include a new line through the CBD and beyond.

The contract involves:

·         Four "double-shield, hard rock, gripper" TBMs to build the 15km twin tunnels from Bella Vista to Epping;

·         Excavation and civil works for five new stations at Cherrybrook, Castle Hill, Showground, Norwest and Bella Vista;

·         The first TBM will be in the ground by the end of next year, with the remainder to follow soon after; and,

·         Completion of the tunnel contract expected in the first half of 2017.

It is a major task to establish the construction sites in preparation for the arrival of the TBMs and this work, including major excavation work, will begin now.

The NSW Government announced last week the North West Rail Link budget has been set at $8.3 billion and the line will open by the end of 2019.

Once the tunnelling contract is complete in 2017, work will continue along the 36km length of the project to lay tracks, fit out stations and deliver Sydney’s new generation rapid transit trains.

The tunnelling contract is the first of three major contracts on the North West Rail Link to be awarded:

·         The skytrain and surface construction contract is out to tender and is expected to be awarded before the end of this year; and

·         Formal tender documents have been issued to the two shortlisted consortia competing to operate the North West Rail Link, with the contract expected to be awarded before the end of 2014. This contract will be a Public Private Partnership, subject to value for money criteria being met.

For further information on the North West Rail Link you can go to

Call our Community Information Line: 1800 019 989

Visit our Community Information Centre: 299 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill