Thursday, July 14, 2011

A NSW Transport Officer Wants This To Happen At Parramatta Concourse.....

People talk and people tell things to me. I am approachable and I will approach people nicely, so a transport officer who I have known for quite a few years has brought up to a brilliant suggestion. And here it is:

On the Western side of Parramatta Train Station concourse where there is the automatic gates on the right side, yet there is a glassed barrier which blocks commuters from entering and leaving. Not too sure what this is used for but the suggestion is to place  another station assistants office on the extreme left side and then that will allow for another automatic gate to be placed on the right side of it.

I will look like the reverse of what is on left side of the concourse( which includes the station assistance office).

Furthermore I had looked at another area that is wasted space that will allow more commuters passing in and out of more automated ticketing gate machines - check this out!

This allows more traffic through employees another transport officer who can assist with the daily needs of commuters and overall a better customer service response from Cityrail staff.


  1. Nice idea John. There is a lot of congestion at the ticket barriers there. H

  2. Great idea, you are doing some really good job and people related to transport industry need to reach you out. Thank you for sharing this post with us

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  4. Its a great idea mr. john, thanks for sharing such a post Sydney Busses


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