Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frustrated Commuter Waits Long Time For Trains - Parramatta - Going Home!

A lady commuter who has been getting the trains regularly for the last 4 years and has noticed since the last train time tables, they have changed.

She has noticed that on platform 2 in late pm she used to wait for her train for about 10 minutes but now it  has stretched to about half an hour. Her detective work has brought the outcome that that are more Richmond trains on Platform 2 transferred from platform 4, which provided later services for the Western Line & Blue Mountains Line. It appears it could be one addition train for the period of time that waits for the Penrith train.

It has become so drastic that some of her work colleagues hop onto the 'Snail train' on platform 4 that arrives because the arrival  of the Penrith train on platform 4. They then hop off at Blacktown , cross over and hop onto the Parramatta platform 4 train when it reaches Blacktown. Sometimes they miss this train. This is what some commuters do to get home as quick as possible!

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