Monday, July 18, 2011

More Than Western Sydney For Light Rail! Guess........ Who Planned It?

Blake Bardowski, 15 year from from Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group has devised a futuristic plan for Light Rail, covering all suburbs that need it, in and out of Western Sydney and inner City of Sydney:

Starting from Western  part of Western Sydney:

To widening the plann Western Sydney Light Rail: from Penrith to Pennant Hills:

From a wider commuter community for Western Sydney light Rail from Blue Mountains to  Hornsby and City of Sydney: 

And finally here is the the Light Rail for Western Sydney and also City of Sydney. 

This kid has got unbelievable talent. Has anyone got any thoughts about this. Blake in the winner of the Inaugural Chifley Youth Awards 2011.


  1. Blake for Premier!! This plan would let people access just about any area of Sydney. You could visit botanic gardens, universities and beach without having to get the car out and then park it. Of course the whole system would need a regular service to allow people to travel any hour of the day or night.

  2. Yes, I think there is some good ideas here. Having dedicated transport corridors for light rail makes sense. Its interesting that rail attracts more dense developement around its corridors. Transit Orientated Development (TOD), Pedestrian Orientated Development (POD) and Green Orientated Developments (GOD) can be integrated really well with Blakes ideas.

  3. Good work Blake.
    Rouse Hill does not benefit from the arrival of methodone induced junkies. We are a working people who have chidren and high hopes. For gods sake we do not want the uncultured people of St Marys.


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