Monday, September 30, 2013

You can Obtain You New Time Tables In Western Sydney Train Stations For The New Sydney Trains Time Table Changes 20th October 2013

I believe you can pick up your new Sydney Trains time table at your local train station or if you are requiring to have a look at  it on a website: Click here .

Also you can download New Times App to get an early look at the changes. Available from the App Store and Google Play.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Further Comments On The Fatality At Seven Hills Earlier This Month!

Please refer to the comments from Lester Palsey, regarding  the incident fatality at Seven Hills, earlier this month. It is not nice talking about these things that happen, yet it is to be said so people prevent themselves from doing the same;
Some further information on the fatality at Seven Hills last night.
Diana and I were on our way home from the City last night from choir practice when we were informed that the train will not be stopping at Seven Hills but going onto Blacktown where we would have to backtrack to Seven Hills.  We got a train home from Blacktown.  I noted that interurban trains had been roped in to carry passengers from Blacktown to Seven Hills in addition to the normal suburban services. 
At Seven Hills, Platforms 3 and 4 (Richmond & Penrith services) were closed and only Platforms 1 and 2 (City services) was open. 

Our train passed through Platform 4 without stopping and there was an  empty K set parked on Platform 3.  We found out from some witnesses still on the scene that someone had climbed onto the roof of K set trailer T4230 when it was on Platform 3, had come into contact with the 1,500 volt DC overhead and had been instantly cremated.  The RailCorp Fire Emergency Response truck was there but before the fire fighters could retrieve the body from the roof and load it onto the mortuary van, the RailCorp maintenance crew was called in to turn off the power.
There was a lot of people on Platform 3 including the Station Manager and the Line Manager, maintenance crew, fire fighters and the train driver and guard.  The Police had left by the time we got to Seven Hills.  I could see blood around the pantograph of T4230 and the surrounding area where the body had lain.  I couldn't smell anything but Diana said that she could still get a burning smell.  I pitied the cleaners who would have to remove the blood from the roof of T4230 when the train returned to Hornsby Depot.  I do not know the reason why this guy climbed onto the roof of T4230 but I suspect he was trying to graffiti it.
Adding to the delays was another Police operation at Blacktown where they had to deal with a trespasser on the railway corridor.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Extra 1200 Bus Services Out West From NSW Government

New bus and ferry timetables to deliver 1700 extra weekly services

24 September 2013
Metrobus vehicles parked at depot
Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian has announced the new bus and ferry timetables will deliver more than 1700 extra weekly services for public transport customers.
The timetables begin on 20 October, the same day as new train timetables which will deliver more than 1000 extra rail services each week.
"The 20 October customer timetable will be the first integrated timetable delivered by the new integrated transport authority, Transport for NSW," Ms Berejiklian said.
"In the past timetables for different modes were drawn up independently, meaning little consideration was given to all important connections between modes and how different modes could work together to carry out the transport task.
"'This timetable aims to ensure bus, train and ferry services align, with new services introduced to ensure public transport services are available when and where people need them and I encourage everyone to see how the changes will affect them."
The timetables include:
  • More than 1700 extra bus services a week in total including 800 in the peaks;
  • More than 1200 extra weekly bus services for Western Sydney, 40 for Campbelltown, 429 for the Inner West, 119 for the North Shore and Northern Suburbs, 30 for Newcastle and 30 for the Illawarra;
  • Six new bus routes benefiting Blacktown, Penrith, Fairfield, Burwood and Dulwich Hill;
  • 55 extra weekly ferry services including ferry routes with new consistent stopping patterns and longer hours of operation to better match demand;
  • More frequent ferry services to cater for demand at Abbotsford, Cabarita, Balmain, Darling Harbour, Cremorne Point, Mosman Bay, Double Bay and Rose Bay and faster trips for many on the Parramatta River;
  • Extra ferry services stopping along the Parramatta River, with even more services provided on Sunday when demand is at its highest.
Information about the new timetables is available at 131500 Transport Infoline - new timetables.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Train Enthusiasts For Western Sydney - See How You Can Purchase A Train Carriage?

When we all   search at some we search for something and something else comes up that you like.

 So I stumbled onto website you can purchase train carriages and some are fairly cheaper. When would you keep yours if you purchase it?

I think we have to discuss with the WSPTU Committees to see if we can meet i one of these!

Click here for further information

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WSPTU Policy & Steering Committee Member With Great Ideas For Time Tables!

 A vital member of the WSPTU* Steering Committee and also Policy Committee member, Paul Turner, normally brings up very good ideas about improving public transport.

In fact, we all can give good ideas of public transport as we think hard as what we would like to make each one of us feel better in comfort, timings and  making services better for both the user and the provider.

Paul's idea is simple and could be referred to the NSW for Transport decision makers and public transport stake holders. It could be even implemented, not now but maybe next time. Alright  so you are wondering what it is?

This is relation to buses and could relate to trains as well. His suggestion is for Transport for NSW to supply two time tables for buses. One that includes bus services for schools days and also one for  school holidays. In suggesting this,the idea is that there are buses used  to cater for special school buses, when the school holiday goes these bus can be re-diverted to  provide extra services to bus routes in that immediate locality. And this could be the same 

So what do you think? Would this work for  you and other commuters?

If you do have improvement in public transport you would like to let us you can either leave a comment on the blog or contact us on:
phone 9689 0114 and leave a message.
Post: C/O PO Box 208, Parramatta, 2124

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sydney Trains Network Maps - History

 2013 Network Map
CityRail Network diagram - links to CityRail Maps page

1969  Network Map:

Is Your Council In A Process Of A "Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan?

Well, this is another opportunity to door knock your Council, to see if there a  plan of the future  for public transport, especially with the largest populated Council in Sydney and Australia  is do this.

Contact your Council to see if they are doing this. This is your chance get them  to ensure public transport is catered for in the future.

Click Here for Blacktown Council Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan Summary

Does Your Local Council Have A Public Transport Forum And If Not, Why Not?

Any public transport are important if they invite part or  entire communities to listen too, politely provide feedback and add comments to the future of public transport in your local government area.

Even if you haven't been a public transport supporter and activist, this could your time to speak to you Transport Officers in your Council, community members  as well and engage in a public Forum (no heated debate) and all can work together to improve  public transport services and infrastructure.

We understand that Councils  do not make major decisions of public transport improvements on services and infrastructure, but they are the 'instigators'  to get what the community want to ensure property coverage is under taken. 

Talk to your Councillors and Officers of Council and get public transport moving,  the only way to do that is YOU start this process if you think you can make a difference with your local Council.

See what Blacktown City Council is doing at a recent public transport Forum:

Click Here for Blacktown City Council Transport Forum Summary 20/9/13

Thursday, September 19, 2013

WSPTU Transport Symposium 2013 - presentations

Susan Day Chairing the Meeting
Last Saturday, September 14, WSPTU members and supporters gathered at the Parramatta Town Hall for the 5th Annual Public Transport Symposium. It was another great day where we learned lots of things and renewed our connections with each other. You can see the presentations here:

Disability Access - why is it important. John Moxham

Accessible Bus Stops and Footpaths. John Evernden

Quantum Bus. How to create a quantam increase in public transport by using our roads more efficiently. John Morandini.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Sydney Train Time Tables - You Can Check The Services You Use!

Here is something that is unusual, for the first time that I know you can check out your new train time tables  before the commence of the new time tables. You, as commuters will then be able to check to see if there is a positive affect to yourself or  have you have have a negative response from the amount of train services supplied by Sydney Trains?

We need  all of you to let us know!

Click Here for New Train Time Tables

Hundreds Of New Sydney Trains Services In The Greater West As From 20/10/2013! - SMH

As the NSW Minister of Transport announces  hundreds of  new train services in the Greater Western Sydney, what we will have to understand is  by producing time tables a lot of  plans and discussions are made based on budget constraints and when we get is what we deserve.

I can see that although the new time tables have been announced more than a month before the  commence date, this is a good indication that maybe Sydney Trains is heading the right way ( pardon the pun)!

The understanding is to try to integrate trains and bus 
interchange time tables so that commuters will have easier  and improved services ,making life easier for all. One thing that we all know is that not everyone would be happy. Yet if  a majority of commuters are pleased with the new  time tabled services, then the NSW Government is heading in the right direction.

Click here: Whole Of Sydney 1000 More SydneyTrains Services - SMH

Extra services planned: 

Parramatta (430 extra services a week)
Macquarie Park (104)
Bankstown (63) 
Penrith (34)

Check it out and see what you think , especially when it starts!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fatality At Seven Hills Causes Delay For Sydney Trains

One thing we commuters don't like is when there is an incident that causes delay in train services.

And that what has happened this evening. At Seven Hills around 6pm,  a person had jumped a bridge and landed on the top of a train carriage - causing the high wires to  attended to by maintenance and the fatality of the bridge jumper.

No matter what the incident was that happened, we feel for the people that do this and the people they effect. In saying this, trains were delayed and although station assistant's announcements advised people that Sydney Trains will be doing their best to ensure services are not delayed that much, commuters were advised  to catch normal buses to destinations like Blacktown and further to Penrith. Some people who were talking not listening to these announcements, went to the the stations office immediately and were asking when are the 'Railway buses' coming. 

Little did they know the announcements were relating to regular bus services that run in and out of that train station!

It took about 2 hours for train to get back in regular service heading out on the Western Line.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Western Sydney Bus Interchanges Could Look Like Bus Interchanges From The East!

Imagine that one bus interchanges will not be able to be see visually  from a train station and once entering a bus interchange, there will be complete coverage.

That is, buildings will have  been built right on top of bus interchanges ( like Seven Hills has a Commuter Car Park).

Here are some external pictures of s bus interchange in Bondi Junction, where as a teenager the bus interchange was similar to the open-aired bus interchanges we have in Western Sydney.

This is how a lot of bus interchanges could look, even  having residents living on top of high rise building, catering for the growth in population out Western Sydney:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Google Maps Has Bus Stops & Train Stations Symbols To Assist Commuters - No Taxi Stands Symbols As Yet!

Google maps now shows you: bus stops and train stations which is good for commuters that use this technology to get to places.

What it doesn't show you is taxi stands at present, this could be added by Google later on - they are probably working on it!

Click here and go to your destination street and check it out?