Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WSPTU Policy & Steering Committee Member With Great Ideas For Time Tables!

 A vital member of the WSPTU* Steering Committee and also Policy Committee member, Paul Turner, normally brings up very good ideas about improving public transport.

In fact, we all can give good ideas of public transport as we think hard as what we would like to make each one of us feel better in comfort, timings and  making services better for both the user and the provider.

Paul's idea is simple and could be referred to the NSW for Transport decision makers and public transport stake holders. It could be even implemented, not now but maybe next time. Alright  so you are wondering what it is?

This is relation to buses and could relate to trains as well. His suggestion is for Transport for NSW to supply two time tables for buses. One that includes bus services for schools days and also one for  school holidays. In suggesting this,the idea is that there are buses used  to cater for special school buses, when the school holiday goes these bus can be re-diverted to  provide extra services to bus routes in that immediate locality. And this could be the same 

So what do you think? Would this work for  you and other commuters?

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