Saturday, September 21, 2013

Does Your Local Council Have A Public Transport Forum And If Not, Why Not?

Any public transport are important if they invite part or  entire communities to listen too, politely provide feedback and add comments to the future of public transport in your local government area.

Even if you haven't been a public transport supporter and activist, this could your time to speak to you Transport Officers in your Council, community members  as well and engage in a public Forum (no heated debate) and all can work together to improve  public transport services and infrastructure.

We understand that Councils  do not make major decisions of public transport improvements on services and infrastructure, but they are the 'instigators'  to get what the community want to ensure property coverage is under taken. 

Talk to your Councillors and Officers of Council and get public transport moving,  the only way to do that is YOU start this process if you think you can make a difference with your local Council.

See what Blacktown City Council is doing at a recent public transport Forum:

Click Here for Blacktown City Council Transport Forum Summary 20/9/13

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