Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hundreds Of New Sydney Trains Services In The Greater West As From 20/10/2013! - SMH

As the NSW Minister of Transport announces  hundreds of  new train services in the Greater Western Sydney, what we will have to understand is  by producing time tables a lot of  plans and discussions are made based on budget constraints and when we get is what we deserve.

I can see that although the new time tables have been announced more than a month before the  commence date, this is a good indication that maybe Sydney Trains is heading the right way ( pardon the pun)!

The understanding is to try to integrate trains and bus 
interchange time tables so that commuters will have easier  and improved services ,making life easier for all. One thing that we all know is that not everyone would be happy. Yet if  a majority of commuters are pleased with the new  time tabled services, then the NSW Government is heading in the right direction.

Click here: Whole Of Sydney 1000 More SydneyTrains Services - SMH

Extra services planned: 

Parramatta (430 extra services a week)
Macquarie Park (104)
Bankstown (63) 
Penrith (34)

Check it out and see what you think , especially when it starts!

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