Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fatality At Seven Hills Causes Delay For Sydney Trains

One thing we commuters don't like is when there is an incident that causes delay in train services.

And that what has happened this evening. At Seven Hills around 6pm,  a person had jumped a bridge and landed on the top of a train carriage - causing the high wires to  attended to by maintenance and the fatality of the bridge jumper.

No matter what the incident was that happened, we feel for the people that do this and the people they effect. In saying this, trains were delayed and although station assistant's announcements advised people that Sydney Trains will be doing their best to ensure services are not delayed that much, commuters were advised  to catch normal buses to destinations like Blacktown and further to Penrith. Some people who were talking not listening to these announcements, went to the the stations office immediately and were asking when are the 'Railway buses' coming. 

Little did they know the announcements were relating to regular bus services that run in and out of that train station!

It took about 2 hours for train to get back in regular service heading out on the Western Line.


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