Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Official, WSPTU 5th Transport Symposium Postponed Until 14th September 2013 - Make Yourself Available!

The WSPTU Steering Committee met tonight and unanimously agreed  to postpone the 5th WSPTU Transport Symposium  until the 14th September 2013.

It's funny, as the original date was set for 7th September 2013. This date was selected as it wasn't to clash with the early federal election previously called by the former Prime Minister M/s Gillard, which was 14th September 2013. Now the newly elected Prime Minister, Mr. Rudd, has called a week earlier the Australian Federal Election. WE had to change our dates to allow Jubilee Hall, Parramatta to be used for the elections. Such is life!

We have 3 guests speakers confirmed and hot topics of discussion are:
  • 'bus stop infrastructure and accessibility'
  • 'Community Access Advisory Committees' and how important they are to the entire public transport community.
  • 'improved use of roads for public transport - is this the future?'

We will also have a display of vintage bus timetables and historic photos.

More info will be available soon about topics, speakers and displays.

Register via the Western Sydney Public Transport Users facebook page, email or leave a message at 9689 0114.

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