Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parramatta City Council's Light Rail Proposal - Do Residents Understand The Need For Public Transport Expansion And Improvement?

There are arguments for and against Light Rail expansion, but no arguments for public transport improvement or expansion as we are living in a growing society and  population.

Sydney was basically unplanned city and  it seems that we are way behind the times with public transport improvements and infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing and expanding population.

Before we think of making improvements we have to turn the clock back  say 200 years ago and vision what Parramatta's population was then and  also the community -  and here is what it looked like in 1812;

Economic DevelopmentNow go forward another 200 years  see what  the population is and vision the surroundings of the community - Well actually, with over 170,000 residents today this is how part of Parramatta, is TODAY!

Can you see how developments for public transport improvements are required to make Parramatta, central part of Western Sydney and Sydney itself, work towards ensuring the future is covered?

This is a way of seeking improvements in public transport!

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