Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do We Need fast Trains From City To City Or Is A Second Sydney Airport Better?

All of a sudden in a Federal Election, we have policy after policy being thrown in each and every electors front door. This is usual not unusual!

As mentioned before on a previous blog, we even have a Fast Train Policy Party:

Now our recent Prime Minister,  is throwing money into 'PLANES ONLY' from Brisbane to Melbourne Click here for details

Yet, although we all want improvements in public transport for all commuters in Western Sydney, what has to that great time and thinking for all of us is what mode of transport would first all the following criteria:

  • would be easy to access and use
  • cost effective fares for all the commuters
  • cost effective for all levels of Government
  • job creating
  • efficiency of travel time and journeys
  • efficiency in energy used
  • better interchangeable public transport connections
  • inclusion for improvements for future public transport
  • Economical benefits to Australian economy
There has been talk of fast trains for years and years regarding fast trains and also there was talk years ago of a second Sydney Airport, which was  quashed due to public reaction. Times have changed and sometimes people changed lifestyles make people change their mind.

Strangely enough a majority of  Australians living in the Greater Western Sydney, had their up bringing or originally migrated from the northern parts of Sydney  eastern suburbs or southern eastern suburbs. Now enjoying life out West, I hear there could be a positive swing of mood and understanding to accommodate the growing increased population, is a swing to a more acceptable second airport, designated in Western Sydney.

The economical benefit is the most important one. We would need to debate this in communities, with neighbors and even in each tier of government. It appears that it will be cheaper then costings for a fast train from city to city, to engineer and construct as well as  paying for individual fares.

What is your thoughts.? What would be better: fast Train or easier access to airports - then faster planes?

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