Sunday, August 18, 2013

Do you have Commuter Congestion at Western Sydney Barrier Gates? Check out The Video On the Parramatta Barriers!

In your Western  Sydney Train Station, do you have issues getting through the barriers. Like getting through the gates/barriers - 'Commuter Jams' as opposed to 'traffic jams'!

Is there a solution to the problem and if there is tell us what you think it is?

We understand it may mostly happen in peak times, yet what it can anywhere at any time. Is this issue important to you to have improved at any Sydney trans Train Stations in Western Sydney?

Click here for Parramatta Barriers Video


  1. This is typical Anglo-Aaxon garbage. German PT has no barriers! Backed up by regular roving inspectors. Anglo-Saxon attitude is inconvenience 95% of fare paying passengers and not catch the bulk of fare evaders. Station staff let fare evaders go!

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