Saturday, July 6, 2013

From Within WSPTU Face Book Group Member Joins As WSPTU New Policy Committee Member

If you had asked myself about 'Social Media' - I would have thought social media was something that never made sense and I am pretty sure was unheard of.  Shared Information in my days was by  reading books, magazines, newspapers and sometimes watching TV.

Within the last decade, this has changed and the technology that we  live in our modern world, changes the  meaning to 'chat' instead of talking to one or other by mouth or words, the Internet has opened  windows of opportunity through social media's: like e-mail, Twitter and Facebook Groups.

So I can say on behalf the the WSPTU, that from our Facebook Membership of 152, of current, we have  a new signed Individual membership that is  looking  for public transport improvements in Telopea commuters and residents. This proves that social media does work!

We encourage anyone that would like to join our Facebook Group Forum to search the following details once you join Facebook:

Western Sydney Public Transport Users Public Forum.

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