Thursday, July 4, 2013

It Is Time You Prepare Yourself For The Opal Card - IT's Coming!

Adult Opal Card
Concession Opal Card
Senior/Pensioner Opal Card
Opal Card 'Pay-as-you-go' system, is now running in the city circle and  Eastern Suburbs line to Bondi Junction and will eventually end up in Western Sydney trains and then buses afterwards, sooner than you think. At present it's on trial.

At present it's on trial and once it passes all tests, it will be further extended, For lots of the elderly commuters this may seem to be a bit daunting to them  as they  may find  new technology hard to accept and , be educated and used to it!

So this is a good time to research and prepare yourself for it. The basics are

  • you are  not paying for more than the journey you are travelling 
  • maximum journey to pay per day is  no more than $15.00
  • after 8 journeys per week all journeys are free until your week starts again
  • The week starts from Monday and finishes Sunday
  • If you changes modes of transport and it is completed with 60 minutes that will be considered as one trip
  • Sunday travel cap $2.50
  • Opal Card provided to you 5-7 days after ordering
  • Weekly tickets are cheaper than current ticketing system

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