Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interesting Question Placed To Me Today- Commuter Related!

In the public transport sector we have lot's of commuters - majority of them are just every day commuters and the rest are transport officers and public transport commuters combined. Okay, probably have you confused by now... there are people that work within the public transport sector and need to catch public transport to reach their work.

It is with great interest that a transport officer working for Sydney buses has advised that he does get free public transport on all forms of public transport, except for travelling on private operated buses. So his question is why  should he pay  fares on any buses even if it is privately operated and also by don't  Busways bus drivers have a right to have free public transport on all government owned public transport buses!

An interesting concept, is he discriminated by paying fares and same with Busways bus drivers are they being discriminated against for paying fares on public transport? What do you think?

My father always was given free public transport, around the state of New South Wales, whilst he was a tram driver and bus driver.

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