Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are holding our 5TH Western Sydney Public Transport Users Symposium, as follows:

Time:                        10.30am -4pm,

Date:                         7th September 2013
Place:                       Jubilee Hall, Parramatta Town Hall

Invited:                     The first 80-100 Western Sydney Commuters,

                                  that are interested in learning about
                                  improvements and/or processes of public
                                  transport infrastructure and services, also
                                  planing for the Greater Western Sydney

Cost:                         Free!  There's not much things in life free!

Bookings:                  Must be made by contact us on the following:

                                 Email:   wsbustop@gmail.com
                                 Phone:  Phone: 9689 0114 and leave a message.

There will be interesting speakers, on public transport topics that everyone will be talking about - future details will be released, closer to the event.

You will meet other public transport advocates and enthusiasts: their goals and their ambitions, as well as their success stories.

Come along, no matter how interested, you are with public transport. This is you're chance to do something for yourself and for your community within Western Sydney.


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