Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sydney's Second Airport Proposal Is Up Again - Badgerys Creek - This Time There Could Be Stronger Voices Than 30 Years Ago!

Yes don't forget that planes are another form of public transport that take people to longer destinations in very quick time!

Click Here for ED Husic's Comments, Federal Member For Chifley

30 years ago when the proposal to came out west, it was knocked down to the ground and  plans 'never took up!' Not much discussions has been said since as  it was felt like it was swept under the door.

Since then urban areas sprawled with housing and major increasing in population as so many suburbs have been created.  30 years ago I was on the 'No' side of having a second airport  and I wasn't living anywhere in Western Sydney. Now my thoughts are changing towards having a second airport in Western Sydney.

The positive ideas that come out of are job creation for over 28,000 people, injection of funds in the Western Sydney community and greater plans from Local Councils to include Public Transport links to the new proposed airport.

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