Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Councils In Western Sydney That Have Current Integrated Transport Managment Plans

Here is what I have found in Councils within Western Sydney, what Integrated Management plans or similar have been put in place - If you think you Council  is only touching transport and not  doing like Blacktown and Parramatta City Council's are doing let us know and  we can assist you to get  your Council to think of public transport for the future!

Auburn City Council

Bankstown City Council Page 28

Blue Mountains Transport Guide

Camden and Campbelltown City Council's joint Integrated Transport Plan

Fairfield City Council

Hawkesbury Shire Council

The Hills Shire

Holroyd's Public Transport Plan

Liverpool City NSW Transport

Parramatta Integrated Transport Management Plan   Parramatta City Current Transport Policies

Penrith Strategic Plan 2031

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