Thursday, October 17, 2013

Charity Scammers on Western Line T1 - Be Aware!

Reported by Andrew Dickson on the Western Sydney Public Transport Users  Face Book Forum Click here and join a well

There is a young woman who frequently pretends to collect for charity on the Penrith to 

Central line. Do NOT give her any money!

She carries a bucket for donations which bears a blue logo, and she wears a convincing ID 

badge. The charity does not exist.

I first spotted this scammer about 4 weeks ago, and told her that soliciting for money on 

the train was illegal. She thanked me but continued regardless. She was back again on 

Sunday just gone. Same act.

I called her out again, and pointed out that I'd seen her before. This lady is completely 

brazen. She said that she'd forgotten (!) and continued on. I rushed to the guard's carriage 

to report her, but she confronted me first, accusing me of harassment (!).

At the next station, another lady and myself asked the guards to make an announcement, 

which they did. The woman *still* kept going regardless.

The other lady said she'd seen the scammer doing the same thing the week before, and 

confirmed that she was a regular on the Western Line.

A trio of young boys were angered by the announcement. They'd given her $10 and 

wanted it back.

They declared they would give chase. I told them to not hurt her, but to photograph her. 

They did catch her, but she refused to return the money and they didn't get a photo.

She's been sprung, and it would be good to think that she would now stop,

but she has such front that I doubt it.

I made a report to a policeman at Central, and to the Station Manager there as well.

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