Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Delays Catching M91 Bus - Penrith Commuter

David  from Penrith  - travels by City Rail train to Parramatta and then changes for a Metro bus M91 to Bass Hill. Although, it is not a a popular transport corridor that commuters use that I know of - there seems to be a treacle of commuter that tend to use a similar corridor.

His issue is the waiting time at Parramatta Bus interchange, this is due to late running bus services. According to David - the bus services should be every twenty minutes but  in most cases it tends to arrive every half an hour. this can make his one length journey trip take up to two hours. Although he acknowledges that the M91 is comfortable and there is plenty of seating, he just that if buses are on time, not running late it will make his life easier.

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