Tuesday, June 25, 2013

City Rail Graffiti - Costing 1 Years Worth Of New Waratah Trains!

Here is a Channel 7 News Item on Graffiti  costs for the NSW Government. The costs over 2 years would allow for the purchase of 1 years supply of Waratah Trains.

Both Western and Northern line have had high incidents of graffiti, within the last year!

Click here for the Channel 7 News Report!

One of the issues facing NSW Government is preventing graffiti by the young who want to be known but yet not their faces shown.

Talking to a few commuters, this is one of the hardest issues to control, although I know if I wasn't worried about funding issues, how to try to rid the issue, with multiple measures introduced.

  • I would like to see  implemented 24 hour Police Transport Command Officers, on all train stations and platforms, ensuring that all avenues are blocked for these artists to mess up the trains.
  • Offenders be charged to clean the trains with strict supervision of their parents/guardians watching as well as Police Transport Command Officers, for periods starting from a  week and repeat offenders extended time as well.
  • A Sydney Rail Website where videos/photo's of commuters catching graffiti artists on trains can be viewed by the NSW Police and investigated to late theses offenders.
  • NSW Government runs a graffiti competition that their pictures can be seen on real pictures and properly exhibited, with a prizes awarded, as along as they are not still being graffiti artists on Sydney Rail Trains.

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