Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Calling On Western Sydney Commuters Required To Attend A Press Conference About Park And Ride!

Calling all commuters!                                                                                     

Do you know if you are able to come join us at 11:00 am on Wednesday 26th for a press conference at Olympic park about a park and ride?

Or perhaps you have someone up your sleeve who might be interested? If you do contact David Barrow from Sydney Alliance on 0416028001.

Basically, 'Park and Ride' are places were the community travel  by car to a car park and they continue on their journey using public transport, usually trains.

Does 'Park and Ride' provide a total  solution to moving the entire community into public transport? Is it the right direction to go? Is there a better solution?


  1. Be a part of the press conference at Olympic park on Wednesday, the 26th. The press conference is going to be real fun, so do not miss out on it.


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