Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clean Commuter On Parramatta Train Station!

We complain to day of unclean carriages, platform, vestibule areas of trains stations and we detest the way some commuters do not respect the public transport environment, leaving it as clean as they found it!

On the other hand I spotted an extremely clean commuter who went out his way(dressed in a business suit at night), toothbrush and tooth paste cleaning his teeth on the train platform and then shoved everything in his briefcase, leaving a nice white smile. It was too late for myself to take a picture!

 Has anyone seen any other forms of 'Commuter Cleanliness' that needs to be known and shown?


  1. Such a nice gesture, we need people like that, keeping the parameters clear is not only duty of government but also individuals. Good post, thank you for sharing it


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