Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sydney Alliance Transport Assembly- In Penrith!


6:30pm-8pm November 17th 2011
Q Theatre
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
597 High Street, Penrith

For far too long Sydney’s public transport has been a problem.
It’s broken – now is the time to fix it!
The people of Sydney know what they want from their transport system.
Now is our chance to get the ball rolling to fix public transport for Sydney.

Our Vision is:
Public transport should be within 400 metres

It should come every 15 minutes
It should only require 1 ticket

It should be Safe, Clean, Accessible and Affordable

Race a Pollie: On Nov 17th hop on train and race politicians & others using public transport from your local area to Penrith station. Put them & the system to the test!

Be part of a public discussion: with leading decision makers on how we can all work together to make our vision of better public transport a reality.

Share your ideas, stories & point of view: with people from all over Sydney who are committed to a shared vision of bringing about a world class, sensible transport system for our city.

Let's make sure that WSPTU is a part of this important event.

Contact Amy Williams on if you have any questions, including questions or concerns about the $10 food fee.

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