Friday, October 28, 2011

New Schofields Station and More Trains and Buses.

For all those people who have been catching buses instead of trains for quite a while now, here's some good news ...

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A new station has been built at Schofields as part of the Quakers Hill to Schofields Duplication project and will open on Saturday 29 October 2011.

Customers at Schofields will have access to more frequent services with all trains to and from Richmond stopping at Schofields, and most peak City services that currently start/terminate at Quakers Hill starting/terminating at Schofields. There are 42 additional services per week, including eight extra services to or from the city and an additional service on Saturdays and Sundays.

The T74 bus service (currently Blacktown to the Ponds) will be extended to operate between Riverstone and Blacktown via the new Schofields Station, Stanhope Gardens and Parklea Markets. These services will operate 7 days a week, running every 30 minutes on weekdays and hourly on weekends.

The T-way timetables T70-T75 have also changed by up to 15 minutes with the introduction of the new T74.

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For a full description and photos of the project click here.

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