Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Increase In Train Services For People Of The South West

While the announcement of additional public transport services is welcome it is noticeable that there are no increases to the Cumberland Line or any of the other train lines - the South Line or the Bankstown Line - in the South West.
And while the commitments to make these changes is the follow-through on election commitments, the Minister did have things to say about the Cumberland Line to the people of Liverpool. In November 2010 Minister Berejiklian said;
``I think it’s really sad and very frustrating for consumers that they have fewer services now on the Cumberland line than they did in 2004,’’ Ms Berejiklian said. ``It’s unacceptable in a region of Sydney that’s increasing in growth.’ (see WSPTU blog entry http://wsptu.blogspot.com/2010/12/opposition-responds-to-wsptu-request.html).
It is a long-standing policy position held by the WSPTU that the Cumberland Line should be better used and promoted.

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