Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reminder about 4 lanes of trains and trams on the Harbour Bridge

At WSPTU we often hear that it's hard to provide more train services because of capacity contstaints into the city and across the Harbour.

We thought we would just remind everyone that the Harbour Bridge was built to have four lanes of trains and trams and four lanes of cars. If a car driver tries to tell you that you can’t take away the car lanes, you tell them that they are not car lanes! If you must have more car lanes, why not put them under the harbour (as Enrique PeƱalosa would say) - but it will only encourage more traffic! Maybe the Bridge needs to go on a 'road diet'?

Check these out from the State Archives:

And for those who think that the bridge can’t carry four train tracks – they thought of that too. Here they are testing the bridge by loading it up with four lanes of steam locomotives.

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