Monday, March 14, 2011

Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group trying to deal with attacks against bus drivers

Busways have had to take extreme measures to divert buses away from Emerton after 7pm due to anti-social behaviours that have occured over a number of nights where bus drivers lives are at threat.
It is imperative that we take responsibility for our community and work together to send a strong message that anti-social behaviour is unacceptable. We must take proactive measures and offer our full support to government and non-government organisations to effectively resolve these issues.

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  1. As a Driver who loves my job very much , the problems I find are that those in control of the finances (councils , RTA MOT , transport NSW) all refuse to accept what and who has the responsability to fix infrastrucure up. As An oh&s rep for Westbus we have ask council for a slab of concrete for a bus stop. They didn't even know if it was there land or the RTA's so cant do it. Mt Druitt inerchange is worse. Signs say interchange is run by citirail but they say see council ????

  2. Westbus drivers have been warned in an intrenal memo not to make public comments or face termination of employment this was signed by Westbus CEO Jim Glasson

  3. How could someone be sacked for telling a side of the story which could be felt not only by bus drivers but by the general community, maybe bus operators and all other stake holders. We need all comments to be heard. In fact this may be pointing to a public inquiry. Everyone has a freedom of right for speech their and to air their feelings. Let people have their say!


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