Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Pledge More For Easy Access For Train Stations

Easy Access is the Government funding program used to build lifts and ramps at railway stations to make the stations accessible for people with mobility difficulties, especially people in wheelchairs, older people and people using prams and trolleys.

WSPTU has been asking for an increase to the Easy Access program so that stations in high needs areas, such as Villawood, can be upgraded earlier than the proposed 2025 timeline. The Liberals and Nationals have announced an increase to program in the lead up to the NSW election.

"The NSW Liberals & Nationals will boost funding for easy access upgrades by over 50 percent to make train travel for seniors and people with a disability more convenient, NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell and Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian announced today.

"Today the NSW Liberals commit to an additional $60 million in funding to boost the Easy Access Program across CityRail train stations," Mr O'Farrell said."

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  1. As a regular train traveller on the Bankstown line, I feel it would be a good idea to find out what the Liberal Party's REAL policy is on easy access lifts.

    In April 2010, the two local Bankstown Newspapers (Bankstown Torch & Bankstown Express) published articles on Gladys Berejiklian's campaign for the removal of easy access lifts. Both articles were accompanied by a photograph of Ms Berejiklian standing outside Lakemba railway station.

    As a resident of Lakemba, I've seen how these lifts have benefited train travellers. In particular the elderly and also mothers with prams/strollers.

    I find it disgraceful that Ms Berejiklian wanted to remove the lifts from Lakemba and other stations.


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