Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Work by CityRail Staff

This comment was posted to this WSPTU blog yesterday by Shaun:
My wife was taking her 7 year old boy to see his Dad for the weekend and her boy decided he would like to carry his mum’s backpack because his was a bit big and heavy with his things for the weekend.
They caught the train from Woy Woy to Lidcombe, changing at Epping.
When they got to Lidcombe my wife realised her bag was missing. Her little boy was really, really upset about losing her bag, and sorry.
It had her passport, driver’s license, 2 credit cards, work passcard, money, a Kindle, an iphone, and all her keys for work and home.
She hopped off the train and let the guard know where they had been sitting on the train and it terminated at Central just a few more stops. The cleaners checked for us but it was gone.

So Cityrail put out an email to the stations asking after the bag, and I went and started looking into buying her another Kindle at least, because she seems to always have her nose stuck in it and just loves reading.
We rang her phone and it just rang out, which was encouraging because it seemed that if somebody had found it and chosen to keep it they would have turned it off or removed the SIM.

My wife went to bed really upset.

The next morning pretty early I got a call on my phone. A cityrail person had been given the bag during the night by some honest commuter who didn’t leave their name and had handed it in to the office at Epping. When the office opened a nice Cityrail lady there opened the bag and went through it looking for details and went to the extent of opening the phone and ringing the last few numbers rung which was me. She sounded really excited to have found it for us.

My wife went down on the train to Epping with 2 boxes of chocolates and gave one to the nice lady who went to the extent of finding my number to let us know what she had found and one to leave for the commuter who found it, but they left no way of saying thanks.

She got home and went through her bag grateful to get anything back, and found everything completely intact; money, iphone, cards, kindle, keys.

Well done to the honest people who catch Cityrail train and to the awesome people who run Cityrail!
You have given us a really big confirmation of faith in human nature.

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