Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Ready For MyZone Ticketing

NEWS RELEASE: Get Ready for MyZone Tickets
Saturday 10 April 2010

The Action For Public Transport transport consumer group has urged transit users to be ready for the new MyZone tickets that start next week.

Action for Public Transport (APT) secretary, Allan Miles, said, "Commuters should find out which ticket is best for them, and buy some before Monday morning."

"This will help avoid delays at ticket offices and on buses while passengers adjust to the new tickets," he said.

Mr Miles said that MyZone is a revolutionary step in Sydney's transport ticketing in which most existing train, bus, ferry and multi-mode tickets will be replaced by a simpler and broader system.

"In most cases, fares will be the same or less," he said.

"Information booths are being set up at 21 locations around Sydney and the Central Coast," Mr Miles said. "Commuters should visit these, or make enquiries by telephone or on-line or see"

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