Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Future of Transport - NSW Commuters Council

Sue Day is the WSPTU representative on the NSW Commuters Council and she is looking for feedback from you to inform her input into an upcoming NSW Commuter Council forum. You can contact her by making a comment at the bottom of this blog entry or by emailing her at

Topics raised for the forum are:

1. Population in the Sydney surrounding areas will rise from 50 to 300

2. Aged population will rise substantially.

3. Need for Transport to and from work and schools will need to be
increased substantially.

4. With the aged population, public transport will be needed no more
that 200 meter from doors.

5. The existing public transport is too slow, too infrequent and too

6. Road accidents, deaths, injuries are already excessive and will get

7. Road pollution both chemical and noise are already excessive and will
get worse.

8. There is a strong need to reduce total transport costs.

9. The standard of living of Australians is about to decrease

10. Australia wont be able to maintain the taxpayer contributions to
transport due to the decrease in standard of living.

11. Australians are so attached to private car transport that they will
fight strongly to retain it thereby putting massive pressure on
government to build more and better roads unless much better public
transport can be provided.

12. Australian families are strongly opposed to living in high density
residential accommodation and will insist on the continuation of the
urban spread.

13. Possible solutions

13.1 More work, education and health treatment at home and so less
central work, health, and education facilities and less transport

13.2 A massive expansion of low cost, ultra safe, fast, frequent,
reliable, energy efficient, crewless horizontal lifts from door
to/from local transport interchanges needed. (lift access every 200
metres, local transport interchange every local shopping centre.)

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