Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buses Need To Wait For Passengers Getting Off Trains

This morning, I arrived at Rooty Hill station at 7.33am. By the time I disembarked and made my way to the south side bus stop, I was halfway down the exit stairway, only to watch the Route 738, 7.35am bus service to Eastern Creek business park depart the bus stop.

Only allowing a 2 minute timing between the incoming train arriving and the outbound bus leaving is not long enough, especially in peak times, and then customers have to wait 20 minutes for the next service in peak times.

This will not encourage people to utilize this great service. Especially when Eastern Creek Business park has been identified in the NSW state plan to become a major working hub.

Other than scheduling changes it would also be an advantage to include training for bus drivers that shows staff how to become sensitized to the customers' needs i.e. wait a few extra seconds/ minutes especially at peak times for people to exit the train station. Most fully-able people, when seeing their bus waiting to depart, increase their speed to catch the service.

In my case if the driver had waited a further 30 seconds, my experience would have been enjoyable and I would be telling everyone how easy it was to get to work…



  1. Have you complained to the bus company or 131500 (Dept of Transport) about this. If enough people made OFFICIAL complaints, something might happen. It is not likely to happen from here.

  2. In the old days the drivers instructions used to say (Wait Train due) now because they are given less time by the government who pays the bus operator those instructions are no longer there so if he left at 7.35 he would be deemed to be correct again in the old days an extra 5 mins was given to wait for late trains but that is now gone.Drivers cant drive for more than 5 hours wiyh out a break so waiting could get them breached and fined by the RTA later in the day


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