Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Transport Shake Up in Penrith

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Penrith residents who utilise public transport may soon find their regular routine changing, with a new bus timetable and new train timetable coming into effect next month.

The changes to the bus network follow extensive community consultation that yielded over 1,600 public responses, and local members Karyn Paluzzano and Diane Beamer are encouraging the community to check out the results.

“Many of the proposals originally put out have been changed as a direct result of community feedback, so I am grateful that people took the time to make a submission,” Ms Paluzzano said.

Susan Day of the South Penrith Action Group is one of many locals eager to see the new timetables when they are released on September 14.

“On a positive note, it proves as a group we forced the Government to listen to us, that we would not just accept the reduction in services without a fight and we put up a great fight,” she said.

“However, I am disappointed with the timing of the announcement and the release of the new timetables, with them not being available until the 14th of September. People will be left wondering and this will cause real worry for some wondering if they were actually listened to and if their service has been increased/decreased or has finished.”

A spokesperson from Transport Minister David Campbell’s office said many of the changes were established as a direct result of feedback from the local community, such as Route 791, which next month will operate as a full-time service seven days a week, with evening services provided.

“This will mean residents in South Penrith and parts of Jamisontown have improved access to both the Penrith CBD and Southlands Shopping Centre, as requested by the community during consultation,” the spokesperson said.

“This will provide one consistent route replacing the current evening and weekend service that operates in one direction only, and has generated local concern over a number of years.”

Meanwhile Route 790 will soon be known as Route 770, and extend to Mt Druitt as well as run later into the evening.

In addition, a 793 local service will be introduced, serving parts of South Penrith adjacent to the 791 six days a week, providing direct access to Penrith for residents unable to walk to the 791.

“The changes improve consistency of the network, making it easier to understand, and gives residents of St Clair, Erskine Park, Colyton and Oxley Park direct access to Penrith,” the spokesperson said.

“It also introduces a direct link from Penrith and Cambridge Park to Mt Druitt, and new services to the Erskine Park Industrial area for the first time.”

New timetables can be collected onboard buses or downloaded from operator websites, and will come into effect on October 11.

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