Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Integrated Ticketing

A WSPTU member has just returned from New York and brought home a MetroCard. The MetroCard is a simple, magnetic strip, paper ticket which works on the New York subway, the New York buses and even across the state border to New Jersey, on the PATH subway to Jersey City. Click here to see all the details of the MetroCard: http://www.mta.info/metrocard/

The ticket can be reloaded with new credit and there are discounts if you buy amounts in bulk, the discount increasing from the purchase of $7.50 in credit to the maximum of $45 in credit. The journeys can be subtracted from the ticket as they are used and there isn't a time limit or you can get a time limited 'unlimited trips' ticket. The ticket works on a 'pay per ride' basis (there is no distance charging) and each ride is $US2.25. Click here to see the pricing: http://www.mta.info/mta/09/

The turnstiles tell you how much credit and time is left on your ticket as you go through.

It would be good if we could have such a system in Sydney.

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  1. Interestingly developing countries have been using similar system since 1995.


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