Friday, February 7, 2014

NSW For Transport Officers Overlooks Transport Ticketing Officers - Parramatta Train Station!

They say 'Big Brother' is watching! Well, with Public Transport is the Greater Western Sydney is 'Big Brother' is Transport For NSW, whilst 'Big Sister' is the Minister of Transport overlooking 'Big Brother'!

In Parramatta Yesterday, 'Big Brother' - NSW for Transport Officers were overlooking the jobs of Transport Ticketing Officers, who were gladly in great numbers, doing their job by checking tickets and implementing fines!

NSW for Transport Officers spotted at Parramatta Train Station -
 center left of photo in white shirt!
This is unusual as normally  as the Transport Ticketing Officers  mostly are unseen, except for CC TV's that are around! Do you think NSW for Transport should be watching all these Transport Ticketing Officers? Let us know!


  1. Yes, I think the NSW for transport should be watching the transport ticketing officers. After all the ticketing officers are doing their duty honestly and it should be on record.


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