Friday, November 15, 2013

Westmead (SP6) - Does Anyone Know What (SP6) Means?

On the new trains the electronic indicators have us wondering what a special code means for Westmead Train Station. I asked a few Sydney Trains customer service operators and no one knows.

See if you can assist us?

Click Here to check it out - if you know let us know


  1. (SP6) Short Platform alight from rear 6 carriages.

    1. But 8 cars fit onto Westmead easily...??

  2. Yep it's just in the programming due to this and other suburban stations having (SP) restrictions for the V sets.
    Oscars use to display it aswell until they were updated.

  3. I noticed an 'SP1' station today (between Sydney & Wollongong) - gather it means a very short platform and alight from the last car (presumably as that carriage has the guard on it to signal the driver). There were a number of SP6's but no instructions for those stations. Then again, that train may have had only six carriages anyway.

  4. I'm on a four car train looking at the Helensburgh SP6 message.

  5. The guard/conductor spends the whole journey announcing forthcoming stations.
    It's the perfect excuse to stay up at the drivers compartment and avoid ever walking through the train
    Waste of time as there are electronic signs and even more announcements via an automated voice.
    The guards should be abolished.


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