Monday, April 8, 2013

WSPTU Special General Meeting: Saturday June 1st, 1pm.

Special General Meeting of the WSPTU
Saturday June 1st at 1pm.
At Western Sydney Community Forum
Level 4, 146 Marsden St, Parramatta.

RSVP before 5pm Friday May 31.
email: . phone: 9689 0114 and leave a message (with a return number).

At the Policy Forum meeting on Saturday we decided to hold this Special General Meeting of the WSPTU to change the constitution and elect a committee.

The Purpose.

We want to make it possible for individuals to become members of the WSPTU. The current constitution of the WSPTU only allows 'groups' to be members.

After a few years of experience we now find that it is too hard to operate the WSPTU with this restriction and it is too hard for local people to form groups to be part of the WSPTU. It is also very difficult to adjudicate when a 'group' is really a group because people have different ways of operating groups these days (eg Facebook). We want to make it easier for people to join the WSPTU and easier for the WSPTU to operate.

We also need to strengthen the Steering Committee.

It has been very difficult for local people to form groups to be elligible to be part of the WSPTU and a lot of the burden of running the WSPTU has fallen on too few people. This means that the Steering Committee has not been sufficiently constituted by elligible group representatives. To reconstitute the Steering Committee under the new rules we will call for people to stand on this same day.

We will produce the proposed constitution changes, as well as the explanations, on this WSPTU blog site, soon.

On that day, we can follow that meeting with a Policy Forum meeting.

Please Note:
In the unlikely event that there is a need to ensure that the people voting at the Special General Meeting are regular WSPTU participants, the current working Steering Committee (John Svoboda, Sue Day, Paul Falzon and John Seedsman) will be consulted.

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