Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Veola Buses Strike Traffic Jam - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Greg, from Lethbridge park one of the commuters that has been travelling for years commuting on public transport has told me a true story that has frustrated him travelling back home from Bankstown from work.

The situation delayed the bus trip for up to an hour as he caught the Veola 907 around 5pm from Bankstown to Parramatta reaching corner of Parramatta Road and Woodville Road Parramatta, that  it took hour to reach the end of Church Street and Argyle Streets. This problem and time delay was caused by traffic jams with private cars exiting Westfield Parramatta continuously. So  this means that private car  drivers were preventing  buses to run as per timetable. 

According to Greg, a lot of commuters were frustrated - maybe someone from Westfields can  do something to prevent traffic jams along the same stretch of road in the future!

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