Monday, February 4, 2013

Q & A Raises Public Transport Awareness In Western Sydney - Important Federal Issue!

This evening,  as from 9.35pm ABC's Q & A hosted by Tony Jones with his panel of David Bradbury, Christopher Pyne, Amanda Vanstone, Anne Summers and Tim Levinson raised a few questions leading up to the  Federal Governments Election Poll on 14th September 2013.

Normally, federal politics may play a minor role, when  it comes to State Government issues or improvements to be made and I was quite shocked to hear that what we as Western Sydney Public transport users Inc. have been doing, is becoming so much important not just for you but for every commuter that uses any form of public transport. 

What makes me say that? Question raised on the Q and A program, reflecting sentiments of of our hard voluntary work, in each group we have and each individual that wants to see an improved public transport service and  proper infrastructure.
It really was Anne Summers that touched myself, when she explained that, 'Public Transport in Western Sydney is what is required to get people to jobs' or some thing similar. 

So again as I say on numerous occasions we are being heard, we are being listened too even though a lot of our improvements in public transport come from the official decisions on NSW State level not an Australian Federal Level.

Click Here to the Video from Q and A and also transcripts as well


  1. Urban transport is definitely starting to become a bread and butter issue for Australians, and Sydneysiders in particular. Transport was the third issue that Julia Gillard raised in her Press Club speech last week, ahead of rising electricity prices, which tells you something about its importance. Considering it's primarily a state issue, it's great news that this is now being discussed at the federal level!

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