Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Messaging System on Public Transport by 2 WSPTU Members

Yes, can you believe it? With modern technology compared to 20-30 years ago the words; mobile phone, e-mail, text message, Facebook messaging and even Skype were not even heard of. So what has changed?  As individuals have changed and grown with the new introduced technologies, we are all learning to be more accustomed with these new technologies, in due time.

It is pretty common today for the average Australian to have access  to 2 or more of the above new technologies mentioned above. Even the elderly are starting to  'get into  and participating with the new generation of technologies', coming in. For example my God-mother who will be 99 this year, does 'Facebook Messages and  uses Skype', quite easily by herself. She is not afraid of the future. In fact it keeps her going to communicate to families all over the world, without picking up a single phone! She loves it!

Now Hugh Worrall, WSPTU Steering Committee Member yesterday was on the platform 1, Parramatta train station, opposite myself and called out to me, on platform 2, Parramatta train station. There could have been a dozen 'John's' on my platform but there was only one he was interested in, talking to 'Me!' (Or screaming out to!)

Startled as I was, I responded and we continued on having a conversation for a bout 2 minutes and came to a conclusion to meet next week. No, we were not standing next to each other,  there would have been a distance of two railway tracks difference approximately 12-15 metres difference. Now is this modern communication?

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