Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sydney Alliance Moves Ahead With Improved Public Transport - AT Transport Assembly

Yesterday, the Sydney Alliance Transport Assembly was something new that made me feel fantastic. As being one of the organisers of the "Welcoming' at Penrith Station with bagpie. All member organisations started to arrive at the Train Station, with welcome and hello from people not seen before but were there for the same theme and reason for a better and improved public transport using the formula 400:15:1 SCA squared.

As all participants met members of the NSW Parliament, accompanied by member of the Sydney( from their electoral office) at Penrith Station and from here with a Scottish bagpiper and a traditional Aboriginal smoking welcome ceremony, walking way to the Joan Sutherland Q Theatre. I even spoke to Wayne Purcill City Rail Western Line making connections to improve train infrastructure on the the Western Line.

From here there testimonies of transport issues raise with a nurse at Nepean Hospital and others raise their alarm at similar situation. Individual transport surveys completed by members of the public on trains  and before the assembly started Also there was  support groups, religious and union who has back the Sydney Alliance Transport formula and finally commitment from the parliamentarians to look at meeting the formula - below is a map of the formula , shown in different diversity of efficient transport around Sydney:
Top picture is all services over 400metres radius, The second one  is 30 minutes or less service and 400 metres radius to nearest service and the bottom one is 15 minutes or less with 400 metre radiusNB: Nearest service includes bus stops and trains!
Here are picture from Penrith Station to the Transport Assembly:

I had heard it was an overall fantastic event - never been done before in Sydney. For further information of Sydney Alliance click here:


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